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Trek ii string bass unit, sb2500a, new in the box!

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    For Sale: Trek ii string bass unit, sb2500a, new in the box!

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ID:	670010 I just acquired this from Mike Smokowicz to replace a customer's unit that had stopped working. He plays 5 nights a week and couldn't afford to be without the unit, so we ordered a new one should the old one be unrepairable. But I'm a genius and was able to fix the old unit and now have this brand new unit for sale. However, because the customer's unit was hard-wired into his pedal switch, the pedal harness was NOT included. therefore the buyer will need to contact Mike to determine the type of harness needed. IMHO, wiring the keying directly into the pedal switch is the best method for keying the pedal tones and the procedure is not that complicated. I have the TREK instructions (PDF file) for doing so and would be happy to offer assistance should the buyer decide to go this route. And making your own harness for it is not that expensive; probably $40.00 or so in wire and connectors. A new SB2500A retails at $515 and I'm asking $400.00 OBO plus shipping charges.
    If you have any questions feel free to PM me here or at Thanks! Bruce
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