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Hammond L-112-2 with Rhythm II (Roland Rhythm Ace)

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  • Hammond L-112-2 with Rhythm II (Roland Rhythm Ace)

    Just picked it up. Only 500 built with the rhythm box that'll do the traditional style analog drum sounds, plus can be played with either the keys or with some buttons on the right lower manual cheek. it was a copy of the Rhythm Ace built for Hammond by Roland. You can buy a Roland Rhythm Ace without amplification or an attached organ for more than this! The tone wheel needs to be lubricated a few more times (runs noisy but otherwise works great including drawbars and presets). There are two broken keys. Tubes appear original (very dusty). It'll need to be picked up in SW Wisconsin or you'll need to arrange freight pickup-that's more effort than I want to put in.

    It's worth more as tubes, speaker and rhythm unit separately, but I'd like to give it a chance to live. $200.