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Cheap Rt2-Rt3 for sale South dakota

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  • Cheap Rt2-Rt3 for sale South dakota

    Hello all sorry if this post breaks some rules, I am have been lurking for a while but this is my first post. So a couple days ago in the continued search for an organ, I came across a listing for a Hammond organ which upon looking at the photos it looks like an RT2 or an RT3 (Judging by the chorus selector buttons). Well in the heat of the moment I lost consciousness and bid on it and won the organ. Here's the rough part, Its about 2000 miles away from me in Rapid City South Dakota, and I have no (affordable) way to ship the organ to me, and it has to be picked up by Monday or Tuesday at the latest. So in order me for me to cut my loss on the organ but retain some of the money that I paid, I am willing to transfer ownership of the organ for $300. Please message me privately, or refer me to the right place to make this post. Thank you

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