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    I have a working Hammond E133 tonewheel drawbar organ that I need to part with. I received it from a local church for the cost of moving it. After replacing the run capacitor and oiling the tone generator and motor, it is at least playable. I don't know exactly how much effect the "stops" are supposed to have, but I think they do not have as much as they should. The drawbars all seem to work, one of the pedal drawbars wants to skip teeth a bit on the gear on the potentiometer, so you have to pull up on it slightly when moving it to prevent this. One of the Queen Anne's Legs is broken off. I have it, but it would need to be refastened by someone that knows what they are doing with furniture to make it secure. All the keys and pedals work. One key, I think a B-flat in about the middle of the upper must have a damaged spring, it plays and does not stay down, but also does not return with the same force as the rest of the keys. There are some cosmetic issues, but I feel it is in pretty good shape for its age. Some of the veneer on the decorative part of the music rest board is starting to separate and would need clamped and glued somehow. When the reverb speaker is connected, it pulses/thumps at a frequency that I am guessing to be around 200 to 240hz, no it is disconnected. I know that it would need a lot of caps replaced and some TLC to get it into really good shape, but I thought I would list it here in hopes of not having to sent it to a landfill. I also have an older Lowery tone cabinet that was evidently used with this organ at the church it was at. I do have it connected to the organ and it does work (an 18" woofer with a horn driver and tube amp). However, the audio output of the E133 appears to have a "ticking" in the signal at a frequency after it is warmed up. You don't really notice when it is being played, but when you stop it is definitely audible...but the tone cabinet adds way more lows, highs, and "punch" than the organ alone. I attached a picture of the organ and tone cabinet. I can take more if someone is interested. I am not an organist, and not an expert on these organs, but I will do my best to answer any questions.

    I am located in the USA, Indiana, about 2hrs NE of Indianapolis.

    P.S. I apologize about the misspelling in the title, I could not figure out how to correct it after posting.
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