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  • Gulbransen President info

    Many, many moons ago I acquired a Gulbransen President organ. I thought that was going to be a cheap way to get an organ to practice on. I never did get it working. I "advanced" to an Estey 2MP reed organ and then to a Moller pipe organ. The Gulbransen had cabinet damage and I ended up scrapping it. I have a bunch of parts to give away if anyone wants them. You pay the shipping. I need to get rid of this stuff and if I find no takers they will go to the landfill. I am sticking them out on EBAY as well for 0.99 cents to see if there are any takers. My EBAY userid is wurly153. I have the following:
    - Keyboards
    - Stop Tabs
    - Pedal Board
    - Service manuals
    - preset push buttons
    - reverb unit
    - rotating speaker unit