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Bend, Oregon Organist Position

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  • Bend, Oregon Organist Position

    Not sure if this is where this should go, so please move it if needed. A family friend asked me to post this just in case someone in the area of Bend, Oregon would be interested in a substitute(?) organist position at St. Francis Catholic Church. The document has contact info and such. I know this will probably get no "bites" but it makes me feel that I am doing my friend a favor https://dioceseofbaker.org/documents...001.2020-3.pdf
    “I play the notes as they are written, but it is God who makes the music.” - Johann Sebastian Bach
    Organs I Play:
    - Allen 2100(T); 1951 M.P. Moller, 3 manual, 55 stop, 28 ranks, (Opus 8152); and 1965 Balcom and Vaughan 3 manual, 34 stops, 25 ranks (Opus 690)