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Schulmerich Campanile Digital Carillon System

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  • Schulmerich Campanile Digital Carillon System

    I am helping to locate a buyer for a fully functional Schulmerich Campanile Digital Carillon. It has had routine service work performed, including a preventative replacement of the system power supply. Voice selection is Cast & Harp (using synthesized tone generator), has similar sound to Schulmerich's Flemish rod voice. Display module is bright and all characters are functional. Sound is good out of tower amplifier.

    System functionality includes: Auto=Bell Player, Westminster Chime & Hour Strike, Call to Worship Bell, Call to Worship Peal, Timed Toll. System include a variety of AutoBelCards with music, and more are available with various styles of selections (Religious, Patriotic, Classical, Secular, etc.). Willing to negotiate a fair price for buyer and seller.

    I also can service circuit board assemblies from these systems to get them fully functional again at a fraction of the cost of a replacement system. The factory no longer offers service on anything but the latest g5 hardware.

    Allen MDS-41-S with MIDI-DIVISION-II
    Schulmerich Carillon Americana - 61 notes Flemish / Harp / Celesta / Quadra / Minor Tierce
    - MIDI Retrofit finally underway & Moller console in need of refurbishment
    Schulmerich Campanile Digital Carillon (Cast & Harp)