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22 Stop Daniel F. Beatty Reed Organ For Sale from 1979-1884

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  • 22 Stop Daniel F. Beatty Reed Organ For Sale from 1979-1884

    This is a very unique reed organ form Daniel F. Beatty Organ Company. This Beethoven model has 22 stops and is in fair condition. The bellows do need to be replaced, but it is in good structural condition. We looked into having it restored, but since we are clearing the home of everything not being used, this guy didn't make the cut either. I have yet to find another organ by this manufacturer anywhere online, and was told by a very respected restorer that finding one with this many stops is incredible rare.

    Here is what he had to say about this organ:
    "I must tell you in my many years of restoring antique pump organs I have never seen a 22 stop organ. 19, yes, maybe a 20, but never a 22 stop organ. That is extremely unusual. You might think about hanging on to it. Even if you put it in a barn and forgot about it.
    The day would come when it would be worth some serious money. In addition, your organ was built out of Walnut, not Oak which most pump organs were built from. Naturally, you need to do what you feel good about, but I would not let it out of my hands.
    Regarding the cost to restore the organ I've attached some information below that will give you a good overview of just what it is I do and how I do it because what I do is not for everyone."

    With all that, the old man said to sell it as is. If it takes long enough, we may replace the bellows, but he'd prefer to just see it go away. If interested, please make an offer. We are located just outside of Kansas City. Delivery is a possibility with the right offer!
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