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Complete cage for Allen ADC-6500 theater organ

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  • Complete cage for Allen ADC-6500 theater organ

    I have a complete cage that was removed from a working Allen ADC-6500 theater organ. All cards are present and were working when removed from the console. I would prefer to sell the unit as a whole, but am willing to part it out. Please contact me to discuss.

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    Here is a breakdown of the cards in the cage:
    AP1 1
    AV1 1
    EG1 5
    FG2 2
    FG3 2
    KA1 1
    MA1 1
    TG2 2
    TG5 2
    TG6 7


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      I'm confused why you'd break apart a working organ. I would have been more interested in the entire organ. My guess is the sum of the parts is greater than the whole?

      Way too many organs to list, but I do have 5 Allens:
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        That's an easy one to answer. I'm not a theater organist. I converted the key action using a MIDI Boutique HWCE2 controller. For the stop tabs, I have the Zuma board. This old console is a glorious MIDI controller and an AGO standard layout. I have it driving a Hauptwerk setup with the Rotterdam - Laurenskerk main organ from Sonus Paradisi. All of those stop tabs make it easy to control a large virtual instrument.

        AllenAnalog is correct regarding the cage being specific to the model. I will most likely end up selling the cards individually unless someone just needs a spare cage for the same model.

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      The card cage backplane wiring, USCM console multiplexer card (with the unique stop map for the 6500) and associated multiplexed stop layout are all unique to that model number instrument so the cage is not an individually transplantable part except to another ADC-6500.

      So selling the cage as a whole has no intrinsic value beyond a collection of individual cards unless you find another owner of that same model instrument who wants a total package of spare cards. Given the age of the instrument, and the relative rarity of that model I'm not sure you will have much luck with that.
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        One of the several members of this forum who are heavily invested in ADC organs might be interested in getting it for a source of spares. The individual cards are used in a great many different ADC models, so someone who owns multiple organs might occasionally need a replacement board, which can be hard to find and quite costly if you need one ASAP. As a tech, if I weren't nearing retirement, I'd probably want it for parts, as I sold quite a few ADC organs back in the day that I continue to service. Just last year I needed a TG-3, which I wound up buying on ebay from a questionable seller. (Fortunately, the board I got was fine.)

        Ebay has become the marketplace of choice for used Allen ADC organ parts, and a handful of sellers are parting these organs out, selling the individual cage boards for $100 to $200, more or less, which is far less than Allen Parts gets for them, though of course on ebay they come without warranty. You could try that, though a certain well-known "flipper" of Allen organs might try to snap up the cage and immediately part it out in hopes of making a quick profit.

        Sure would be nice to see it go to one of our members who would make good use of it, perhaps serving as a parts resource for others in time of need. But I don't know if there is anyone who'd be willing to put up the cash to do it.
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