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Schematics, User and and Service Manuals for Hammond Novachord Needed

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  • Schematics, User and and Service Manuals for Hammond Novachord Needed

    Hi Friends,
    I am an IT engineer and my hobby is composing music using different instruments including keyboards and organs. A few years ago I acquired on Ebay a rare Hammond Novachord which needs restoration. I am now planning to restore this organ to its old glory. I realize that this is a huge and costly undertaking, but the first stage is information gathering of anything and everything Novachord including the obvious: the User and and Service Manuals and Schematics, including the power amplifier and any other related internal electronics. I appreciate any information on where/how to get this information, as well as any ideas, pointers and suggestions that will help me in this process. I can be contacted through this forum or through my personal email ([email protected]). Thank you.

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    Hi Al,

    I am in the process of restoring one myself. There are about 5 or 6 of us out there that are doing so and are at 1 stage or another.
    I would encourage you to join the group on Facebook called "Hammond Organ & Leslie Speaker Technicians Network." We are all on there and are pretty much always around to discuss anything Hammond related.

    In the meantime, I will send you a PDF of the Nova Service Manual. Please post pics of your Nova, as well as the serial #....and a little history as to where you got it from and any provenance it may have. There aren't many of us out there with we rely on sharing info. Welcome to the Brotherhood!

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