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Need Service Manual / Schematics for Rodgers 321C or 321B

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  • Need Service Manual / Schematics for Rodgers 321C or 321B

    Through luck, I just acquired a beautiful Rodgers 321C in mostly working condition. I'd like to get a service manual with schematics to fix various minor problems properly. From what I've read here it sounds like the 321B and C are very similar so a 321B manual is OK.

    There is a Rodgers 321B service manual in the Gallery, but I can't get the PDF to open. Acrobat 9.3.3 on Windows 7 says the file is damaged, and Evince on Ubuntu doesn't work either. If someone has a working copy of that PDF I'd love to get it.

    If you can help me, please PM or e-mail to johnbeetem at


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    Success! I was able to fix the Rodgers 321B service manual PDF from the Gallery. The file was missing the end part which has the PDF cross-reference (xref) and the page list. I was able to re-create those from the rest of the file and now it opens in all its glory. It turns out to be a 321B/C manual which is an added bonus.

    I uploaded the repaired file to the Gallery so others may benefit. The Gallery would only let me select the "Organ Brochures". I hope an admin can move it to its proper place.

    I hope fixing the 321C will be as easy as fixing the PDF :-)