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WTD: Gulbranseb Rialto II Service Manual and Schematics

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  • WTD: Gulbranseb Rialto II Service Manual and Schematics

    I have a Rialto II and it has a problem and I was old a little about it, that basically told me it is a known issue and basically a single "fired" component, but not where one would normally look. I don't have a Service manual or schematics which I try to get for every instrument I have, as I am the founder of a not-for-profit organization that saves keyboard instruments from being destroyed and restores/repairs them, but that means having a lot of manuals. Some problems on earlier instruments are much simpler and easier to discern the problem, but here we are getting new enough to where a proper service manual and set of schematics is necessary. If you have one, particularly an original that is complete and in good working condition (not a perfect collectors copy - unless you don't need it and are willing to part with it for a reasonable sum as I do everything I do from a disability income). I am just using the knowledge and skills I have to help others, now that I can't work any longer. Thank you, Steven Scott
    Steven C. Scott, Founder, CEO
    International Society for the Preservation of Historical Instruments
    2391 Porter Street
    Lebanon, Oregon 97355
    [email protected]