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baldwin organ 48hp

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  • baldwin organ 48hp

    does anybody know anything about this model ? is it a tube type or a transistor type . has anybody played one and how would you rate its sound.
    i have a chance on getting one and trying to judge weather its worth getting .
    all opinions are welcomed .

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    I have the church version of this model Baldwin 48C. It is a very nice all transistor model. It has some very nice stops with numerous tones. The 48HP being the home and entertainment models has all the "bells and whistles" that organs of the late 60's and 70's provide for that purpose. I played on one of these at the local dealers when they were new. They are well built with quality inside and out. I don't think you can go wrong acquiring this organ. As you know any organ with that much age on it no doubt will need some kinds of work done.

    Baldwin Church Organ Model 48C
    Baldwin Spinet 58R
    Lowrey Spinet SCL
    Wurlitzer 4100A
    Crown Pump Organ by Geo. P. Bent, Chicago, Illinois

    Organs I hope to obtain in the future:

    Conn Tube Minuet or Caprice even a transistor Caprice with the color coded tabs
    Gulbransen H3 or G3, or V.
    Wurlitzer 44, 4410, 4420, ES Reed Models, 4300, 4500, Transistor Models


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      THANKS JAMES FOR YOUR REPLY . there is a person that is offering one for free . i wasn't sure about , based on what you say , sounds like a good acquisition .
      what is the difference between the 2 aside one is for church and one for the home ? don't they both have the same features ? or are they supposed to sound different .