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Service Manual / schematics for Lowrey Cotillion D575

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  • Service Manual / schematics for Lowrey Cotillion D575


    I have a Lowrey Cotillion D575 in a beautiful state cosmetically, but no sound, except drums...Every voltage is OK, except +22V which gave +26V on the voltmeter. I absolutely need schematics to understand what can be damaged inside.
    But the problem is that I cannot found any free pdf on the net. And Lowrey just closed. I've sent them an email, no answer...I've heard they sent them... If someone can help for the service manual, it would help me to save this organ.
    Thanks a lot in advance !


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    Is anyone here who had the service manual ? I've really spent time on the net, searched everywhere, just cannot find a free version...Is anybody can help...? Thanks in advance and happy new year 2019 :)


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      I recently came to be the owner of one aswell!
      EXACTLY the same problem!!
      I have a service manual here, i can take some pictures but its over a hundred pages long...

      The troubleshooting guide is pretty useless in this case I think. Currently I'm debugging the Lamp / Button Scan Board (the one connected to the main Microcontroller board with a ribbon connector).
      Using a laboratory PSU at 22V and disconnecting the main PSU doesn't change the symptoms, which makes me think that's not the problem. It might be the case that the 26v drop to 22v once something actually draws a lot of power (it's not a switching powersupply, i've heard this often happens with these kinds of PSUs).
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