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Gulbransen Rialto Schematics Needed

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    Gulbransen Rialto Schematics Needed

    I'm looking for service manuals/schematics for a Gulbransen Rialto organ (pictured below). Please reply if you know where I can find anything.


    Hi - I sent you a PM as per your request with links to the manuals, and also reached out to the forum as to how I can post the manuals in the appropriate place for all to have access to. Regarding the issues with the organ, which I commented on possible causes of in the PM, please follow up on the public forum to let us all know how things are going so we can jump in and help as needed. Oh, that is a 1135 Rialto K - the last version of it and some say the best - there were three versions of the Rialto K.
    Jimmy Williams
    Hobbyist (organist/technician)
    Gulbransen Model D with Leslie 204