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Lowrey Holiday LSO schematic

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    Lowrey Holiday LSO schematic

    hi all - apologies as I should probably have posted this is the Schematics section, but urgency means I'm posting here. Anyway - does anyone have an LSO schematic they could let me see? The Galleries section on this forum (where it might be) is bringing up an error at the minute and there doesn't seem to be access.

    Any help hugely appreciated


    Hello, I also have Lowrey LSO and am looking for a schematic. I want to add a send and return jack so I can plug a guitar, etc.. into it for the reverb, Vibrato and Leslie.. Did you ever find the schematics or have any advice on where to insert the jack? My regular email is ...... thanks, Charlie

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        I don't have the schematic for the LSO exactly, but I have scanned and uploaded to my website schematics for the LSB, LSC, LSC Duo, and LSL. See here: http://crasno.ca/articles/docs.htm

        The LSL is likely a very close match, since it is also a Holiday Deluxe, but without AOC. Hope this helps.