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Technics SX-U90 and U50

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  • Technics SX-U90 and U50


    I have a Technics U90 that I got for free that is mostly working, and also an U50 that was trash, but I kept the solosynth cards thinking I could use them. As it appears I could not. The repair manuals with schematics seem to be hard to find. Does anyone have them in PDF, or know where to get them? I had a chance to buy photocopied manuals from England, but was discouraged by someone who told me they were bad quality..

    I am not sure the actual solosynth is the same in U90 and U50, but it is more important to get the U90 working now

    Thanx in advance!

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    I got the manual for Technics SX-U50 in PDF now. There are alot of differencies between the U50 and the U90, so I still need to get hold of the servive/repair manual for the U90...

    If anyone needs the manual for the U50 pm me