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  • Want To Buy: Crumar 2001 schematic

    Hi all, new member here.

    I am based in Thailand. I am trying to source a schematic for a Crumar 2001. I've made quite a lot of progress fixing it up (it belongs to a friend and lives in a wonderful recording studio).

    However I've got a bit stuck and really need the schematic, however I've come to a dead end trying to find one. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it. The problems left to fix include a virtually inaudible 'E', a non working ADSR, a distorted piano voice and a temperamental rhythm section. Other than that, it sounds fantastic, but no E! Apart from the piano (who cares!) the voices and drawbars work great, as does the Leslie.

    If anyone can help me get the schematic, or guide me with further repair I will love you longtime. Or just pay some £ss

    Many thanks in advance. Dave