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Conn 58443-2 Percussion and 59249-1 Celeste Add-on Schematics

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  • Want To Buy: Conn 58443-2 Percussion and 59249-1 Celeste Add-on Schematics

    Hello All,

    I have a Conn 811 "Classic" organ (i.e. the 810 in Golden Oak finish) built in 1958, which has the 58443-2 percussion add-on chassis installed. I have the service manual for the 800/810/820/821, which I have scanned and uploaded here, but it does not contain any info on this add-on. I would like to find the schematic and installation instructions if possible, since I have reason to suspect the add-on may not have been properly installed to begin with. There is some 60-cycle hum modulated by the percussive envelope (including with all stops off) that I would like to eliminate. I know that paulj0557 may have some of this info, at least as of 2015, based on this post: https://organforum.com/forums/forum/...for-percussion

    As well, I request the same details on the 59249-1 Celeste Kit. The 800/810/820/821 service manual describes it briefly, and in fact, it looks like it might be extremely simple to implement – just two 4-pole switches and some resistors to allow changing the generator bias voltages (sharpening or flattening them) and remove the tremolo, if I'm not mistaken. In any case, I'd appreciate any info, if it even still exists!