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Looking for Service Manual and User Manual for a Wurlitzer 630TA

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  • Looking for Service Manual and User Manual for a Wurlitzer 630TA

    Hi Everyone,

    I have recently acquired a Wurlitzer 630TA organ, the organ is complete as far as I can tell and no one seems to have had an attempt at 'fixing' it.
    However the Australian climate has been rather harsh on some of the components of the organ, namely the veneer and labeling of the cabinet and the film capacitors.
    The state of the film caps is quite surprising for me as they are usually not the main problem in old electronics, the seal that is on the edges near the pins has split and pulled away.
    I am an electronic engineer and am familiar with working with static sensitive electronics and mains powered equipment, I feel that with the Service manual I will be able to repair the organ with a fair amount of confidence.

    I have been searching high and low for the service manual, it seems like it is as rare as hens teeth and the same applies for the user manual too.
    From looking around this forum it seems like Morelocks is the place to approach for Wurlitzer manuals and spare parts. I have tried a place in England but got no response.
    I have a few questions about Morelocks:
    1. What is their response time to questions? (so that I can know if I am being too hasty, particularly with this years events)
    2. Can someone supply me with their e-mail address? When I called the phone number I had no chance to get the e-mail address. The lady on the message has a soft fast voice which when combined with international calling and Australia's phone system, very hard to hear clearly.
    Thank you for your help in my quest.


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    Morelock's are very knowledgeable. It may take a few days to get back to you but they will get back to you. They are very helpful. I dealt with them on several occasions. I will PM you with their email address.


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      Thank you for providing their e-mail address.😀