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Lowrey SS-25 Pedalboard Schematic

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  • Want To Buy: Lowrey SS-25 Pedalboard Schematic

    Hello all,

    I am looking for schematics of the Lowrey SS-25, especially those relating to the pedalboard.

    For almost a year now, I've been searching for a pedalboard for my 1960 Lowrey "Festival" FL tube organ (see my other thread here), since its original 'board is missing. I now have a line on an SS-25 pedalboard, which is similar, but with a different connector layout that entirely lacks provisions for Swell-to-Pedal coupling. I've decided it is better to have a functional pedalboard without coupling than no pedalboard at all. So, I'm planning on modifying the 'board and/or FL appropriately to make it work.

    I already have schematics for the FL (which I have scanned and uploaded to my website), but none for the SS-25. I found one site that might sell it (it's not clear given no prices), but if someone already has a scan, or their own copy to sell, that would be perfect.


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    I would check with the MITA association for techs in your area. They typically have old parts and may be able to help you out. Their website is www.mitatechs.org.
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      Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately, there are no MITA techs in my entire province; the nearest is in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, which is a little over 5 hours away by car. I contacted this company, and while the fellow did not have anything in stock, I gave him the go-ahead to check with his colleagues and spend up to a certain amount. It's been 9 days without news so far, but I am still hopeful.

      Some months ago, I checked with the only organ serviceman in Edmonton (besides myself), and he had nothing. I checked with Organ & Keyboard Service Corp in Calgary, but they don't sell original service manuals; they only sell photocopies if you are really desperate and pay for the labor (large expense was implied), and the guy didn't mention whether or not he actually has the SS-25 manual. Also, a week ago, I contacted Michael at Transanalog.com–the only online seller of the SS-25 manual that I can find–and received no response so far.

      In other words, I am still on the hunt!


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        Maybe this will help. It's from the Lowrey Tube Organ Omnibus so the original is of poor quality.

        SS25 Pedal 500dpi.pdf


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          Much obliged, this is exactly what I was after! The scan is respectable too, with nothing unreadable. From looking at the schematic, the situation is a dream come true; the SS-25's pedalboard design is nearly identical to that of late-period FLs, even containing appropriate switches for swell-to-pedal coupling! It will be easier than expected to modify it to work with the FL. The main challenge will be re-wiring the connectors, especially if I do decide to install three additional 9-pin types for the sake of coupling. Anyway, thanks again Dave!