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Wurlitzer Model 4370 1969 Moving

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  • Wurlitzer Model 4370 1969 Moving

    I am looking into acquiring a Wurlitzer model 4370 and am wondering if it is possible to disassemble part of the organ to make it easier to move. I am mostly concerned about taking off the pedals so I can fit it in the doorway. Thanks in advance for any information you can provide!

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    The 4370 is a spinet console, so you won't need to removed the pedals to get it through a doorway. If instead of a 4370 you mean a 4570 which has a 25 note full length pedalboard, the pedals can and should be removed for moving. On that model, you lift the rear slightly to tilt the pedals and lift the front a little and pull it away from the console.The pedals, however, are attached to the console electrically with 3 connectors that are made of bakelite, and are very stiff to pull out. Pry very gently with a small flat blade screwdriver to get them started, on one side, then the other.