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Hammond “Rhythm II” module Schematics/Service Book

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  • Hammond “Rhythm II” module Schematics/Service Book

    Hello all! Long-time lurker and first time posting here… I’ve dug through the whole Internet for several months trying to find this info. Perhaps I’m missing something or my search is just difficult because of the “ii” in the unit’s name…

    I am a vintage keyboard freak and love restoring old gear. A Wurly EP200 is probably my most prized but I’ve spent countless hours on synths, drum machines and other studio gear. This however is my first organ. I was gifted it when my friend/neighbor left our apartment building. After much research, I have come to see the T-333 is a pretty good score and has a ton of features. I have read tons of manuals, schematics and Hammond threads… learning SO MUCH about how these awesome mechanical beasts work and very happy to see a large community of people willing to share knowledge and working to keep these things out of the landfills.

    The “Rhythm II” drum box seems to be rather elusive. The book I could find is the Installation Manual. There are references to a Service Manual (HO-466 or HO-000466) in the T Series and XTP series guides. I have also tracked down many of Ace and early Roland guides but these boards/modules are just different enough that I’m not comfortable working on it yet. My goal is to make a MIDI connection to it via Arduino or Teensy but I want to understand the circuits I’m dealing with hear better first. If anyone has any leads on the schematic or a service manual, I would be extremely grateful and of course document my work in building a MIDI module to share with everyone. Any info is much appreciated!

    Thank you all for this wonderful community!

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    PM me an email address. I'll scan and send you the schematics for the drawer version.