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Looking for PDF of a Wurlitzer 4300 user manual.

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  • Looking for PDF of a Wurlitzer 4300 user manual.

    Tomorrow, as of when I'm writing this (August 4, 2022) I will be picking up a Wurlitzer 4300 organ, specifically a "Contemporary" model, according to the brochure I've found on the Internet Archive. Is there a different user manual available anywhere for the 4300 anywhere, and if so, is there any way I can get a PDF copy of it?

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    Hopefully someone can help you. But looking at some pictures of the 4300, I don't see much need for a manual. I played one (or similar model) for a church when I was a teenager and never saw or needed a user manual. The 4500 is a very similar model but with 25 pedals. So you might look for a 4500 user manual. Should be a fun little organ if it works.


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      I have the service manual for the 4500/4520. I can scan that if you think it will help.
      But its all just technical schematics.

      There is also these. They were a fun read:
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