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Ahlborn-Galanti Chronicler 1 Schematic

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  • Ahlborn-Galanti Chronicler 1 Schematic

    I'm looking for schematic manual for Chronicler I. My Chronicler I was manufactured ca. 1998. Right side internal speakers cutting out. thought it might have something to do with the a problem in the headphone jack. That doesn't seem to be the problem. Really in need of Schematics to trace the problem. Thank you to anyone willing to help me find a copy, pdf or hardcopy original to purchase. please let me know. Thanks. SteveW

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    AFAIK, there was the Chronicler 1 and the Chronicler 1B. I am not positive of the release dates but I think 1B was circa 2002.

    Unfortunately, Ahlborn tech doc is quite difficult to obtain, even if you're a recognized service tech (and what's left of Ahlborn will only deal with those):

    In the USA, about the most helpful person remaining is Ron Sidhu in California. He'll provide Owner Manuals if he has them, but not service manuals so don't bother asking. However, he may be able to give you the name of a service tech known to him near you and, if so, you can negotiate from there.

    Galanti Classic Organs -
    (800) 244-7441 – California
    [email protected]

    You may get lucky, however I wouldn't bank of obtaining schematics. It's likely going to be a case of diagnosis from first principles.

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      Thanks gtc, for your response: Mine is the Chronicler I. I have copy of the purchase agreement for the new organ by Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Grass Valley, CA in 1998, so too early to be in the "B" group. I have had a couple of email conversations with Ron. Because only he and another person are working on the Ahlborn Galantis - I have been on a list for a long time - I'm in the desert near Palm Springs, not near to others getting repairs. Just last week I was able to get some help from a local electronics guy -who (working from first principles) was able to get it playable and to solve most of the issues! Access to schematics would really simplify matters, by enabling us to trace problems much more rapidly as they occur. Thanks so much for the information and advice. If in future you do hear of anyone with schematics, I'd appreciate that contact information. I see you're a Hammond person. How is your instrument running? Again. thanks so much for your response. Sincerely. Steve

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      Good to hear that you found help locally. My Hammond M-102 is sitting in my workshop awaiting a recap.

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      PS: re the service manual/schematics, suggest creating a 'worldwide' search on eBay. These sorts of things do come up from time to time, but when and if is anyone's guess.