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Big Devtronix theater organ/console

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    Big Devtronix theater organ/console

    The Feed Bot came up with a listing for a 3-manual Devtronix theater organ in a large white console today. The description says it was "found" in a mover's warehouse. The console is certainly well appointed with many colorful stop tabs. The "rack" for the electronic modules and the speaker cabinets are certainly home-made. Looks like this was someone's dream organ many years ago.

    Given the current state of interest (very low) in project organs like this, I doubt they will get anyone to bid at the opening price of $5,000. Looking at the photos I'm sure the console will need a major overhaul to be re-purposed to control a more modern sound generation system.

    Anyone on the forum have any personal experience listening to a large Devtronix organ?
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