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What Model Allen is This?

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    What Model Allen is This?

    I just saw this on *Bay, and wondered what model it is:

    On the one hand, it has Allen stylings, but on the other hand, the stop tabs are more like theatre or Rodgers tabs. Also, the combination action doesn't appear to be settable, which makes me think it is an MDC organ, but I've never seen an Allen non-theatre with the music rack like that or attached to a tilted front on the top of the organ.

    Anyone care to solve the mystery?


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    Way too many organs to list, but I do have 5 Allens:
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    It is a Rodgers Trilogy 325--so, not an Allen. Here is the manufacturer's info:

    I could not really recommend this instrument unless nothing else was available. The great and choir share a unit principal and a unit flute--the clarinet is formed by synthesis, and the Dulciana is just a softly keyed principal. The Swell and Pedal are made up of stops derived by formant filters like Thomas, Lowrey, Baldwin, and Conn did, except all of those manufacturers did it better than Rodgers did at this point in their development.

    The pedalboard is non-AGO. This is pretty much the Trio (theatre organ) but with a straight rail and classical stops. The pistons are preset, and changes can by made by solder/unsoldering components.


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      The reason I asked is because I heard the dedication of a transplanted ADC-720 (I believe) several decades ago, and it looked somewhat like the organ in the *Bay link originally provided.


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      Thanks for the link, toodles. I found the (at the time of course!) Rodgers Trilogy posted price quite interesting... in the late 1960's the 2M 2-1/2 gen Allen TC-1 was selling for around $6K installed even with 'princess' pedals (in my area, anyway). A local church bought a TC-1 with 2 gyros and the full-AGO "B" console including crescendo pedal and stopped flutes/sustain/chiff, in early 1971, and it cost $7600... $7000 for the organ and $600 for installation.

    Interesting. At first glance I was about to think it was an Allen ADC720, then I saw it didn't match up in several ways. So it's a Rodgers "Trilogy" 325... I don't think I've ever seen one of those. From toodles' description, sounds similar to the old Rodgers 660 analog I once played, but even more sparse. Might be a fun "first organ" for someone, but would eventually prove tiresome, I'm sure.
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      Much less organ than a 660. If you remember the 32B, it's similar but with fewer stops and no celeste. I don't think either oscillator set goes higher than a top 4' C, whereas most other Rodgers complete the 2 ft top octave, at least for one of the oscillator sets. Like I said, if you don't have anything else, it would be something. But it does have the English wooden core keyboards--if you are OK with the sub-AGO pedals, a good virtual organ conversion?