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3-Manual Thomas Theatre Organ

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    3-Manual Thomas Theatre Organ

    It's rare to see one of the Thomas Palace theatre organs become available:,...ce=clazoutfeed

    This one is being given away. Not at all a great theatre organ, but it is a handsome console and would be fairly compact. Maybe a good VTPO project?

    And even rarer as it's one of the final versions!
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      So that's what that one is. Didn't recognize it and I couldn't read the nameplate. Neat.
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        The BandBox and rhythm unit are clues, and it helps that for a few years I worked for Thomas--the Palace wasn't offered when I worked there, but the engineering lab had a prototype in storage.


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          Do I take it it has 32 pedals like the OH-3?

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          Very interesting. I know next to nothing about Thomas as far as specifics. I basically know about them because of the Lawrence Welk re-runs and this forum.