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Allen ADC-420, $800 - Columbus, MN

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    Allen ADC-420, $800 - Columbus, MN

    Next town over from where I grew up. Looks to be an Allen ADC-420 with two external speakers. Asking price is $800, located in Columbus, Minnesota (near Forest Lake, MN).
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    Wow! This looks like a winner for sure. I've owned several Allens of that type, had that exact one at home for a while. Great home organ, nice sound, real Allen quality. Not much in bells and whistles, but true AGO specs in every way, perfect practice organ. And the price is right. Looks like two HC cabinets with it, though you don't really need external speakers with this one unless you want them. They could be sold off for maybe $200 each, if they have been re-foamed.
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      Yes, looks like a nice instrument. Basically the same as my ADC-220 but with AGO specs. No more space here for organs now though and this current organ is fine for now. I know there are a good number of organists in that area so hopefully the right one comes along and finds what they need.