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  • Baldwin on Craigslist

    I recall that one as a pretty nice sounding unit. Their asking price is a bit high.
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    If you mean the Baldwin Fantasia organ, IMHO this would probably not be described sounding pretty good nowadays. In the 60's or 70's a honky old thing like that might have gotten some people excited, but you'd probably just find it quite uninteresting. Yes, it probably has some decently built up stops using the Baldwin method of stacking square waves and filtering the result to vaguely suggest the tone color of certain organ stops or instruments. But compared to the simplest and cheapest digital instruments of today, the sound is pretty much a joke.

    Add to that -- Baldwin parts and support are nearly non-existent. And these old things can have a great many problems -- worn-out old capacitors, dirty key contact leaves and rods, potentiometers that are frozen up or, if they move at all, extremely noisy. Divider chips gone bad, transistor legs rusted off. I just don't think one of these is worth the trouble of hauling across the street.

    YMMV. And someone is probably going to chime in and regale us with how lovely this organ sounds and how they miss the days when stuff like this filled the music stores....

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      And $505...
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        As I said, a bit high (tongue in cheek). I recall a local nightclub entertainer who had a rolling chair between a Baldwin Pro200, a Fantasia at a right angle to it and a Baldwin 8ft Grand piano opposite the Fantasia. Oh yes and it had a 12 note bass pedal clavier under the piano. Quite the setup. He also taught at home on a Fantasia. Hmm.. that is maybe why I never learned to play
        Can't play an note but love all things "organ" Responsible for 2/10 Wurli pipe organ, Allen 3160(wife's), Allen LL324, Allen GW319EX, ADC4600, many others. E-organ shop to fund free organ lessons for kids.


        • jbird604
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          Never discount the fact that a talented performer can make almost any old dog sound good. I remember back in the late 70's going to one of those "Home Organ Adventure" shows where Baldwin and Conn and Wurlitzer and Kimball and Lowrey and Thomas all showed their latest trinkets. I worked for a Conn store, and I remember the demonstrator doing a show with one of the rock bottom el cheapo organs that Conn sold -- a little thing that didn't even have those tunable oscillators that Conn was famous for, made of all flimsy plastic with gaudy and shiny bright red and grass green tabs and stuff. Wretched. But he turned on every single stop at once, put the pedal to the metal, and played a rousing transcription of the Star Wars theme that knocked everybody's socks off. I realized right there that the main way to wow people with a cheap organ was to play LOUD and fast!

          I can imagine that a talented player could do neat stuff with an old cheap Baldwin like that, especially if it was pure entertainment music. You wouldn't want to hear somebody play Bach on something like that, but then a Bach player wouldn't have one of those anyway.

          BTW, the Pro200 was of course a much larger organ, with Baldwin throwing just about all their entertainment organ tricks at it. But at heart it was still the same lousy tone generation system. In reality, Baldwin did a far better job on their classical organs, where they took steps to create more authentic voices and deliver better ensemble and such. IMHO their heart wasn't really in the entertainment organ business, they were just trying to survive.

          Even though Baldwin organs were largely built right here in Arkansas and I knew some nice people who worked there, I still see their organs as pretty poorly made in comparison to Allen and Rodgers. They just didn't seem to have the engineers or something, not sure. Their organs seemed sort of cobbled together.