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GEM Organ, how good or bad?

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  • GEM Organ, how good or bad?

    Can't play an note but love all things "organ" Responsible for 2/10 Wurli pipe organ, Allen 3160(wife's), Allen LL324, Allen GW319EX, ADC4600, many others. E-organ shop to fund free organ lessons for kids.

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    I saw that one too.


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      Definitely Italian. Looks like a variation on the Galanti Praeludium I. From the late 80's I think. To be honest, I have not seen this brand, but at least I "think" I see a great many similarities to the Praeludium, and the GEM brand is closely related to Galanti. Probably sounds decent enough, but the stop list is barebones. Note the absence of a celeste on the Schwellwerk, as on the Praeludium I. If it's built like the P-I, then it uses a stripped-down version of the tone generator cage in the larger Praeludium models, with the stops crammed onto fewer boards and lacking the nicer features. Also had a very poor internal speaker system.

      Nice console though. Might make a decent starter organ, or serve as a MIDI setup. The keys of the P-I had a crisp feel.
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        Hi John, funny you should ask. I have one of these GEM organs - exactly identical - coming in to my shop on Saturday. It's coming from a customer who purchased a newer pre-owned Rodgers from us. Haven't decided what I'm going to do with it just yet...