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3-manual mystery

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  • 3-manual mystery

    Interesting 3-manual digital organ for sale here:


    The dealer doesn't specify any make in the ad.

    The console appears to have originally been a 2-manual organ that was converted DIY-style. The music desk clearly came from somewhere else. The stop rail too looks like it was added on at a later stage.

    It would be interesting to find out exactly what this is...
    Organs that I currently have: Yamaha Electone B-2, Welson (model unknown), Carpenter S/N 122237

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    Added some photos, also link to latest listing: https://www.donedeal.ie/keyboards-fo...organ/28444927
    Organs that I currently have: Yamaha Electone B-2, Welson (model unknown), Carpenter S/N 122237


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      Something about makes me think of the Content organ company products. I have seen a number of their "Concert Series" instruments here, as they were for some years imported and sold through Hammond dealers so they could have a "classical" line in their stores. I'm pretty sure that the keydesk in the pic is exactly like the keydesk on a CS-235, and there is something about the finish that reminds me of those organs as well. I could be wrong, but I believe those are the very same lighted tabs that are used in the CS series organs too.

      The expression shoes are also very much like the optional "deluxe" expression shoes offered by Content back then. The standard shoe was a slab of plastic, but this metal shoe was available at extra cost.

      That's about all I see, and I could be wrong. But it definitely looks Dutch, so if it's not Content, it might have come from Johannus. Since it's obviously been modified and customized, it doesn't look exactly like any standard model to me.
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      • myorgan
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        More probably, it's a port for wires from a stand-alone MIDI device to connect inside the organ.


      • John_Joe_Jr
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        jbird604 I think you might be onto something...

        Interesting that you mention Content. I was going to say that the stop tabs looked very Wyvern-like, but having looked up some images of Content models from about 10 or 15 years ago, they do indeed look very similar. I think I remember reading on here about a tie-up between Wyvern & Content but that's another story.

        The dealership selling this particular organ had a showroom in Cork City up until about 10 years ago when they consolidated their operations to their HQ in a different town about 20 miles away. They are a Viscount dealership.

        There is a piano dealership just on the outskirts of Cork City who sold Content organs for a couple of years in the mid-2000s. I believe that Johannus pulled out of Ireland a few years before that, after which servicing them became difficult unless the customer was prepared to pay for a tech to come from the UK (Johannus have since returned via a dealership in the north-west).

        The angles on the console, now that I think about it, do look like those of a Johannus Opus series from the 80s or 90s. Based on the information you have shared, my hypothesis is that an older Johannus for which service items or spares could not be obtained locally at the time was converted to a 3-manual & rebuilt using hardware from Content. The custom one-off organ which resulted may have been recently traded in for a new Viscount & thus is now being re-sold by the dealer. I wonder if this is actually the case...

      • jbird604
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        Sounds entirely plausible. It's also possible that there is a Wyvern connection. I'm not very familiar with that brand, but it would make sense for it to be Wyvern, with those obviously English music retainer clips in front of the music desk. If Content was building organs for Wyvern, they might well look like that. Another Content clue I see is the glued-on metal plates to identify the divisions above the tabs. That looks exactly like the stuck-on plates that I've seen on all the CS models around here, though I think Johannus does the same thing on their consoles.

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      Just had an update on this - turns out the electronics are from Wyvern in the UK (Bradford system to be precise).
      Organs that I currently have: Yamaha Electone B-2, Welson (model unknown), Carpenter S/N 122237