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Free Free X-66 Speakers (3) in Stow OH

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  • Free Free X-66 Speakers (3) in Stow OH

    Marketplace - Organ Speakers | Facebook

    Then you can swing by Anderson IN and get an X-66 and speaker in good playable shape for $1600

    Marketplace - Hammond X-66 Organ w/ Leslie Speaker and Bench | Facebook

    Then you can hook it all up and blow up the neighborhood.....

    Sounds like my kind of afternoon

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    Those are pretty awesome speakers, especially to get 2 for free! If I recall correctly, they can be rewired to work as a traditional Leslie, perhaps with a conversion kit. They have the Leslie sound, but with more power.

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      They are straight speaker cabinets, specifically designed to match the X-66. They have no rotors, so can't be rewired to work like leslies, unless you completely gut one and install the innards of a 147 or 760. I suspect you're thinking of the X-77L, which is dedicated to the X-77 and so also needs some gutting and reworking to make it more 'standard leslie'. The tremolo sound they make comes from the X-66's special stereo vibrato system.

      I can't see a Leslie in any of the photos of the organ for sale, though it does have a set of 760 half-moons. There's a 12-77, a random 6"x9" speaker sitting on the floor and there is another tone cabinet of some description to the left of the organ. $1600 for an X-66, 12-77 and a decent Leslie is good. Take away the leslie and that $1600 is way too high.
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