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Lowrey Symphony Limited Ed.

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  • Lowrey Symphony Limited Ed.

    See on Allen’s Lowrey symphony showcase Ed is 12999, on eBay there’s this for 3.8k it looks identical, tempted to put in a 2k bid but probably too big for my little flat, and can’t find any spec or decent videos on utube.

    and don’t know why there is a showcase ‘ limited version… bit spooky
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    The Showcase Edition has been updated from the original Symphony, mainly extra styles, as far as I know.

    I had a student with a Symphony. Like all the big Lowreys, it was geared to 'EZ Play'. You could turn off all the gizmos and play fully manually but it wasn't the easiest of instruments to drive when doing so. I certainly couldn't simply sit down play it on the fly as I can with the Roland AT900P. It had some great sounds, others not so great. Nice features including the Virtuoso arpeggiator strip and the ability to have more than one sound on a lower split, and you can put AOC down there as well.

    At the lower end of that price range, I'd be tempted if I had the space, but the time I'd be spending on registering things might be frightening! :)

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      Videos here

      If you don't have a part exchange then you should get a discount from Allen's, as well a warentee.



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        I decided it’s too much of everything, too big, too bright, too powerful, I got a little rs600 organ at bargain basement price, I now live in a small flat and only use headphones so speakers etc aren’t important. I’d prefer full pedal board and 2X61 manual but the rs760 would be 6 times what I paid for this little organ, and most music I play get by with 20 pedals.
        Have owned more instruments in the last fourty years than I can count on my fingers AND toes.