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    Dear everyone,

    I have been on this forum for awhile. It has always been my will to
    contribute to the community as much as possible. Today I am happy to
    announce that The Early Keyboard Instrument Network is now on-line. </p>

    This project is complicated, involving five servers working together
    from different locations. It is a website that caters to anyone who has
    an interest

    in any early keyboard instruments such as harpsichords and clavichords.

    For organists, anything that is pre-Romantics are welcome. I myself
    personally prefer to play Hofheimer, Valentini, and John Redford! So
    whether you are into Buxtehude's music or Antegnati organs, there will
    be something for everyone.

    The website provides most functions that you can think of. News, a
    Blog, a Forum, an Event Calender, a Chat Room, a Gallery, Links and
    Directories, Classifieds, Advertisement for business and individuals. A
    separate media gallery will also be on-line to host media, such as
    audio recordings or video, starting end of this week.

    Over the next couple of days we will be fine tuning the website such as
    minor adjustment in looks. Most sections have universal log-ins
    however, there are some that require separate registrations such as the
    gallery. We will continue to work on this so that all sections will
    have universal log-ins.

    We also are looking for volunteers who can be moderators on the organ
    section of the forum, and other sections as administrators. The idea is
    to have people from different parts of the world supervising the
    website at all times. I myself will be on on-line messengers to answer
    any questions and even you can call me on my business line if you have
    any problems or suggestions. You can look up my details in "About Us".
    I am from the San Francisco Bay Area, so my time will be US Pacific
    Time (PST). Finally, if you have any suggestions of additional functions
    that you would like to see, please feel free to email me. </p>

    Thank you for your support, and please spread the message! </p>

    for cross posting to several forum topics as I do not know which one
    exactly will fit the topic.


    Yours Truly,