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    Free Sheet Music

    Add requests and links to free sheet music to this thread.

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    Free scores (mainly Baroque and Renaissance) at Partitura Organum

    Originally posted by Admin View Post
    Add requests and links to free sheet music to this thread.
    I just release a new (free) edition of work by Simon Lohet.

    The composer-index (as well as the scores-index) gives access to lots of other scores.


      IMSLP (Petrucci Music Library) is a great place to find almost any public domain classical music you would ever want or need. It is not limited to organ music.

      The University of Rochester's Music Library (Sibley) is also available online here:

      Way too many organs to list, but I do have 5 Allens:
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        I just release a new (free) edition of works by Johann Schneider. Johann Schneider (1702 – 1788) was a German organist, violinist and composer. Around 1720 he became a keyboard pupil of J.S. Bach. Besides keyboard with Bach, he studied violin with Johann Gottlieb Graun. In 1729 Schneider became organist of the Nicolaikirche in Leipzig. He remained in this position for the rest of his career. Schneider enjoyed a reputation as a truly great organist.

        It can be found here:

        Most of the works contained in this edition are not acailable on imslp and are new to the public domain.


          I like to check Everything is user contributed for free. So, some original compositions and arrangements are not very good, but a lot of public domain music has been transcribed and posted. Lots of people have put together some very good arrangements and interpretations of a lot of popular music.
          Also, the Musescore notation program can be downloaded from If I can't find exactly what I'm looking for, I'll download something close and then edit it.

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            For whoever is interested: Ernst Friedrich Richter's Trio's opus 20 are available as a new Edition:

            Tomorrow I'll start a series of publications that will eventually lead up to publication of an Edition of Johann Scheibe's keyboard Partita's. Keep an eye on