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    Hello I have been playing organ for coming up about a year. I have had a Lowrey and Hammond organ and with them came some beginner's books. Now I have gone through all of them and they use the melody in the right hand and hold simple chords in the left. I would like to get into some music where you hold a note with one finger while playing the melody. All the music for organ I have found has been very advanced and hard so if anyone could recommend some books or some links on beginning Pipe Organ playing that would be very appreciated.
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    Have you looked at Bach's 8 little preludes and fugues? The prelude in G is very easy. I started with those when I began playing a year ago, although I already had 4 years of piano experience. I recently learned Buxtehude's Canzonetta in A BuxWV 225, its for manuals alone and is mostly arpeggios so it is very quick to learn. You may want to consider picking up a copy of this: http://www.amazon.com/Organ-Techniqu.../dp/0195137450
    It has lots of pedal exercises and short trios, doing these allowed me to excel at the pedals very quickly.


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      You could also try some of Bach's pieces from the . You can find free copies of most older classical music at http://imslp.org. Best of luck with your studies.


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        I started with Flor Peerers "Little Organ Book". I still enjoy playing from it. http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/087487...&robot_redir=1
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