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Classical Pan Flute and Pipe Organ

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  • Classical Pan Flute and Pipe Organ

    Hello All,

    I'm new to the Forum, however I would like to take the opportunity to introduce my latest Project which Combines Pan Flute and Pipe Organ.
    for more information about my new project please visit my Kick-starter Campaign [link removed by moderator].

    Pan Flute, Beautiful and Pure! My Commercial Campaign and Beyond!

    I've spent years preparing for my 6th Album and now that it's here, I've seen numerous changes not just in my career but in my very being as an Artist. In my previous Albums I focused on other styles that I found in the end were leading me away from my roots so to speak. So in this Album I decided to get back to where it all began,, with Classical Music.

    When I say Classical However I'm not talking about the normal Orchestral interpretations. I grew up listening to an Artist who went by the name Zamfir and the Album I had as a Kid was of Classical Music played on Pan Flute and Pipe Organ. Deep inside I always wanted to play that same style.

    Now, Years Later I could see that this desire wasn't going to go away. So I took major steps to make it possible, Namely to Build a Pipe Organ! Why did I decide to build a real Organ to accompany me on my Pan Flute and not just use a synthesizer? Because I knew that it would sound Fake, and I didn't want that for my Audiences. So, 3 years later I had the Pipe organ finished and could begin work on the new repertoire and a few months after that I had Album #6 Finished! The Results? Pure, Beautiful and Orchestral! (of course,, because it's the real thing.)

    New Album? New Path!

    A few things happened when I finished this Album. First I noticed that it was the most refined and Beautiful Album I had made to date. Second I found that when I performed this music at my concerts, it touched my audience very deeply, in a way my previous works hadn't, some even shed a few tears!

    I Feel as an Artist that I've rediscovered my voice so to speak and that my Identity has been changed forever as a result. Hence the reason for my Kick-starter Campaign [link removed by moderator]. I want to give this a Push, like I never have before with my previous works. With the Album Finished and already in the hands of my distributor,, the only thing left to do is Promote!! And Promote on a big scale, with a Television Commercial Campaign, Internet Adds, You-tube Commercials and good old Fashioned Promotional Concert Series, Because this isn't just a new CD, it's the beginning of a new direction in my career. Not to mention, there is a Large Audience out there that's been waiting years for something like this. So let's get this out there, Together!
    Risks and challenges

    The primary Challenge with the TV Commercial Campaign is time slot negotiation, which can possibly delay the broadcast up to several months. For the Concerts, Venue date negotiation usually makes the Concerts several months in the future as well.

    Sean, I've removed the links to your Kick-starter Campaign. Although you are starting up, your post really belongs in the Classifieds section of the Forum. Please post any requests for sales there. Thank you. Michael--Moderator
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    I, and perhaps others on this forum, would be interested in more information about the organ you built. How many stops does it have? Are their any pictures of this instrument? It sounds like an ambitious project and the sound on your video clip is really nice.
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      Hello Voet

      I'm so sorry,, I have taken a year to reply to your inquiry about the Organ I built. I've been busy with my concerts, I'm so sorry.
      The organ is one rank of 61 Pipes in 8' pitch. The Pipes are of the Stopped Diapason Class, with their mouths cut up 1/3 of the width
      Halving on the 18th step. The lowest octave has Harmonic Bridges to remove the bark from their voices. They also have ears and a beard attachment
      on the Cap. The Block and the Cap are nicked all the way through to the 2' octave,, where they continue only being nicked on the block. I pierced
      The Stoppers on all the pipes from 2' C to the Top giving them a crisp bright tone. The 4' octave is made just like the average stopped Diapason without Ears or any other attachment.
      The Organ has an electro mechanical action,, using the usual Reisner 601 magnetic valves. The Organ is controlled by MIDI so it may be played automatically
      or may be attached to an Organ Manual so that it may be played just like any other Organ. Even though the Action is electro mechanical, it has a very smooth
      almost tracker like sound, without the usual harsh spitting sound,, thanks to the design of the toe board. It's two boards sandwiched together,, each side, the one
      under the toe hole and the one that forms the roof of the wind chest, have pockets drilled into them,, so that when I joined them together "sandwiched" they form
      expansion chambers,, that help to absorb the shock from the fast electric action,, giving a more human feel. This has contributed greatly to the pleasant sound of the Organ.

      I generally use it as a self playing Organ for my Concerts,, allowing me to play as a soloist with my Pan Flute,, and the Organ plays as my Personal Orchestra.
      I can do any amount of coupling I like in my MIDI arrangements, and that's how I can make the Organ sound like it has up to 3 ranks, with only it's 1 rank
      of 61 pipes. I've had people at my concerts from Holland,, and they said that it sounded just as good as the organs they heard in Holland. Of course I was pleased
      to hear that! I made all of the pipes myself, so I could be sure they would blend well with my Pan Flute,, which they do very, very well! I think there couldn't be a better Instrument.for this!Click image for larger version

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        Thank you for sharing the information about your organ, pan flute, and concerts. If you add your location to your profile, I'm sure there are people who would be quite interested in attending one of your concerts. If you have one coming up, you can post information on the Events and Announcements section of the Forum.

        You've done nice work!

        Way too many organs to list, but I do have 5 Allens:
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          Beautiful work! Thanks much for sharing with us.