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Organ music for 24 note keyboard?

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  • Organ music for 24 note keyboard?


    Some of you may have heard of the Orgelkids Project, which teaches children (and adults) about the wonder of the organ. Basically, the cornerstone of this project is a two octave pipe organ, with two ranks, that can be put together, played, and dismantled by 8- to 12-year-olds in an hour. There are also wonderful instruction materials that go with this organ kit as well.

    I'm thinking about suitable literature to play on this two octave keyboard, C to C" (without C#), and am hoping to find some lovely Bach and similar. I haven't found anything though - most of the BWV pieces for keyboard manual (no pedals) span at least 3 octaves.

    Does anyone know of repertoire that works within two octaves, either by design, or by arrangement? My hope is to find inspiring pieces that can be played on this instrument - you know, an awesome Bach fugue would be marvelous, and a prelude or two, and some chorales would be nice.

    Or something cool, not necessarily Bach, would be great as well.


    PS: Here's a link to the Orgelkids USA website - spend some time checking it out, I think you might be impressed (I am):

    And here's a site with a video of the original designer and builder (Wim Janssen) putting the kit together (scroll down to the bottom third of the page to find the video):

    And a video from the Netherlands non-profit organization that is leading the project:

    PPS: Full disclosure - I'm not affiliated with the Orgelkids USA or Netherlands projects, but I am impressed by them.
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    Lovely lovely project!

    I recently wrote a small article on repertoire for small keyboards (feedback welcome), you might find some of it stimulating. If you are interested, I can run the analysis on a different body of work, I just need MIDIs as inputs.

    Other than that, I can see two options:
    1. dive into the existing portative organ literature (example)
    2. pick recorder/flute duets ( - score is on youtube too), they should do quite well on on the Orgelkids


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      I have seen this in real life and it is indeed a great way to get kids involved. But it takes quite a time to put together and I think it works best in small groups.