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Writing a Toccata.

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    I like it. Well done.

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      You have some interesting ideas in your Toccata, Ed. Thank you so much for sharing it.

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          Originally posted by Dreece1 View Post

          Anyone says that Ein Feste Burg is copyright would be pulling your leg. That was written by Martin Luther during the reformation. That occurred some hundred or so years ago by a bible thumping clergyman.....
          Quite a few more years ago than a mere hundred. Oct 31 will mark the 501st anniversary of the generally agreed upon starting point of the reformation.
          Regards, Larry

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            If you want to be precise, the song was written in 1529 and is still waiting for its 500th birthday

            However, it's not one of the easiest melodies to base a toccata on. But still one of my favourite hyms.


              Good job, Eddy! How old are you?

              Before I saw you'd done it I was going to say..........Among the famous (and even semi-famous) toccatas there are three basic formats:

              linear -- Widor 5th, Dubois
              chordal -- solid (Jongen) or broken (Vierne 1st finale, a toccata in everything but name)
              fantasy -- Duruflé, Guillou

              Hard to think of a toccata that doesn't combine the first two, generally with one more prevailing. To bring more variety to the genre on organ you might take inspiration from famous piano examples -- here and in Youtube:



                Originally posted by Victor Jules View Post
                Good job, Eddy! How old are you?
                I am 21 years old.