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Looking for organ sheet music for Bach Cantata No. 40

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  • Looking for organ sheet music for Bach Cantata No. 40

    Is there such a thing as a written organ part (not the piano transcription) for the Bach Cantata No. 40, to play along with orchestra? Some of the sections are really fast and hard to improvise by following the full score.

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    Welcome to the Forum. I hope you continue to participate for years to come.

    I certainly understand the issues with reading figured bass at the tempi some conductors use! Best of luck with it. May I assume you're referring to BWV 40?

    Most of Bach's music (depending on the edition) has realized organ parts as part of the modern editions. Some of them may be available on IMSLP ( Otherwise, you can sometimes search for a realized organ part in PDF format and find it on the Internet.

    Personally, I have never played that particular piece, but I'm sure you can find it somewhere. If not online, try asking college music libraries to see if they have scores available. Also, some of the larger symphonies have music libraries of their own, and may consider a loan or copy.

    The last resource I have found usable is Luck's Music Library. There, you can purchase a copy of the realized part as well. Since it is a choral work, there will almost certainly be an accompaniment with the choral rehearsal score.

    I hope you find this helpful.

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      I had not heard this particular work before. I am listening to it right now. As a Horn player I am always happy to find a new Bach work with Horn parts. I just looked at the IMSLP catalog and the .pdf of Cantata #40 is figured bass for the continuo. I think Michael's suggestion of working out an informed figured bass from a piano reduction may just be as good as it gets for a 21st Century performance by someone that is not a figured bass specialist.


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        If the orchestra has hired a set of parts, they may include a written-out continuo part. Have you asked them?