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    I've been needing to organize my music library for some time. I had a filing cabinet that kind of worked except that I had no way of seeing what I had unless a flipped though every sing page. In the last couple of weeks (and with some advice from smithge31419), I finally organized all of my music and put together a spreadsheet to keep track of it all.

    Originally posted by smithge31419 View Post
    Music is organized generally by instrument and genre. My wife has cataloged it all in a searchable spreadsheet, so the standard practice for finding a selection is to look up the Title/Composer/Artist...etc to find the location. Each publication has a sticker detailing where it is stored so it gets returned to its proper home. This is really handy for finding a particular selection that is contained in a collection. ... Music that is being actively worked on gets stuck in the cabinet just to the right of the organ. When no longer "active" it goes back to its "home". Yes, this takes some discipline, but we sure don't waste much time trying to find music.
    My organization keeps shifting a bit as I make decisions about where 'gray area' pieces (that could go in more than one section) get placed. I opted to make binders for each section with labels on the the spine and tabbed dividers to separate subsections (if there are any) and/or alphabetical groups. I have two groups of binders (active and storage). The active binders are separated by instrument and have only the pieces that I'm currently playing, practicing, or performing. The storage binders have everything else in them. Each piece in the storage binders is placed in a page protector (or multiple if it's more than about 20 pages) and then placed in alphabetical order by composer or title depending on the genre (i.e. classical and jazz by composer vs. holiday and soundtrack by title because it's easier for me to find that way). I decided to limit the storage binders to 1" rings and add volumes if the category extends beyond one binder.

    The more time consuming part has been building the spreadsheet database. I've had to enter all of the information I might want to use to find music for each piece of music I have (this includes title, composer, editor, arranger, transcriber, library location, book, genre, holiday, instrumentation, key, difficulty, rating, and several other codified parameters). I initially started in Excel but I switched over the google sheets after finding out that the filter options in Sheets are more flexible. Plus, I can access Sheets from my phone if I need to find something quickly. Since it is in a spreadsheet, it is very conducive to generating interesting stats (number of songs, amount of paper, favorite instrument, etc.)

    The only stuff left to do is to keep adding music that I missed, fill in more information in each of the fields for each piece, put together a sticker system to put on each piece, and get a cabinet to put all of the binders and books in (right now they are on a small wire shelving unit that works but is a little hard on the page protectors and binders). I'd also like to put together some 'gig' binders that are full of sight-readable music that I could use for particular occasions (church, prelude, postlude, wedding, funerals, sing-a-longs, etc.)

    It has been quite the excursion down memory lane as I've entered the data for each piece. A lot of the music I haven't seen, played, or thought about since I was a kid.
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