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New scores - any tips?

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  • New scores - any tips?

    I recently bought some new scores, and would appreciate any advice that any board contributors can give me on them.

    Langlais: Poemes Evangeliques, Op.2: I bought this specifically for La Nativite to use later in the year. Any advice onany of the threewould be welcome though.

    Cochereau:Scherzo Symphonique: I bought this as I'd like something to use as an encore at a French-themed concert I'll have later this year. The chords with trills are causing me problems. Otherwise it's fairly straightforward.

    Peeters: Lied-Symphony, Op.66: The second movement (Lied to the Desert) has the pedal part written in a different key to the manual parts in the first section, something which I have never come across before. Is there any reasoning behind this? Performance tips on any of the movements would be welcome.

    Dupre: Evocation, Op.37: I managed to get my way through the first and second movements, but the third (Allegro Deciso) is causing particular problems, namely:
    1. Those fast figurations on the Recit which occur twice throughout the movement. I can't seem to get them under my fingers at all.
    2. The first quieter section - those shifting figurations which Dupre is so fond of.
    3. The second quieter section - the double pedalling.

    Other than these, I bought the Dupre Paraphrase sur le Te Deum (which is much easier) the Langlais 24 Pieces, as I needed some shorter works for use at church, and the organ works of John Ireland. From the latter, the Villanella is a quieter workwhich is great fun. </P>