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    AAGO examination preparation


    Can anyone give any advice/tips on preparing for AAGO? 25 year-old musician here, did very well on the CAGO last year...but I am aware it’s quite a jump for AAGO. I feel confident in repertoire, transposition, harmonization...the areas I need to work on would be the figured bass realization, the fugal writing and the ear tests. Advice on the best resources which would help specifically for the examination would be extremely gratefully received. Thanks in advance!
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    Just a question... Does the AGO not publish a list of resources to help people prepare for these exams? I'd start there, because the exams are most likely to be based on those resources. Though it's a typical chicken-and-egg situation:
    1) The resources are chosen to support the exams.
    2) The exams are set to test what you learn from those resources.

    Good luck on your exam prep!


      The AGO appears to assume that by the time a musician gets to the level of a CAGO or AAGO that they are in the best position to prepare for the exams. The exam criteria are available in writing as the o.p. is aware. Sounds like an AAGO certified mentor in the capacity of exam coach is what is needed here. I can't be wrong in thinking that contacts to such are available from the alma mater or the private tuition that has prepared the candidate to this point.


        Surely there is a chapter of the American Guild of Organists in your region. Their members could possibly be a wealth of information as some of those members may also have those certificates.

        The AGO does provide lots of information: