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Women and the organ

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    Originally posted by Peterboroughdiapason View Post
    I think your list is brilliant but my problem is that there are so many names! IMSLP is not very helpful in that it's often not obvious which collections/pieces are for organ.
    IMSLP's search function is quite robust. It allows you to search by instrument followed by composer.

    You can also search the site by putting in the composer and name of a piece. For example, if you are searching for "Boëllmann, Elevation" on the IMSLP site, it will give you all of the pieces titled "Elevation" from various sources, i.e. "2 Petites Pièces pour orgue," "Heures mystiques" etc.

    While it is still a bit cumbersome, it does make finding the needle in the haystack a bit easier.


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    • Peterboroughdiapason
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      Thanks, Voet - I hadn't investigated that! You learn something new every day - even at my age.

      I'd still like any recommendations that come to mind, andija. Most of these names are unknown to me. Anything more extended and/or adventurous?

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    Extended and/or adventurous and on IMSLP... I'll think about it.


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      Originally I posted this information in General Chat, because it is not, strictly speaking, about women and the organ. However, andijah responded to that post:

      I think this posting would be a nice addition to the women and organ topic.

      Speaking of the type of music that was written in the baroque era: indeed women composed, but organ music doesn't seem to exist. I can think of various reasons for this. Church, for a very long time, was a male domain and so was the organ. There are some nuns who wrote for organ, but not many pieces survived.
      However, a lot of harpsichord music can be played on the organ and I do this regularly.
      So, in response to her suggestion, here is the text of my original post:

      Women Composers of Baroque Music

      Yesterday, 11:04 AM

      Here is another interesting video from Alice M. Chuaqui Baldwin. I am posting this in General Chat because it is not about composers of organ music. However, because of the interest in the sticky topic "Women and the organ," I thought some members might like to know about this. Some of the women mentioned in the video have written harpsichord music, but none have written music for the organ, as far as I know.



      My home organ: Content M5800 as a midi controller for Hauptwerk


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        Maybe I'm all wet on this, but isn't most Baroque harpsichord music also compatible for playing on the organ? I seem to remember that most organists of the time were also harpsichord players.

        If that is the case, I wouldn't hesitate to post harpsichord music by women composers in the thread that already exists. But that's just me....