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Pastorale sopra "O Heiland reiss die Himmel auf"

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  • Pastorale sopra "O Heiland reiss die Himmel auf"

    I have several advent hymns that I like a lot (and while I'm writing this I'm wondering whether I should've chosen the "liturgical" section of the forum - moderators, please move if you see fit.), and one of those favourite hymns is "O Heiland reiss die Himmel auf" - "O saviour rend the heavens wide".

    A while ago I chatted to Carlotta Ferrari, an Italian composer whose works I like a lot and play regularly and we talked about plans for advent recitals and I mentioned "O Heiland" and she said something like, oh, it would make a good foundation for a pastorale.

    And then one day I had an e-mail with the sheet music to a new pastorale.

    I've now made a video and Carlotta has uploaded the piece to IMSLP and you can get the sheet music there and listen to my interpretation: https://imslp.org/wiki/Pastorale_sop...rari,_Carlotta)
    (Hope the link works!)

    I will of course play this new piece in at least one advent recital and keep it in my repertoire.

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    Thanks for posting. Your link took me to an empty page. This link worked: Pastorale sopra O Heiland reiss die Himmel auf (Ferrari, Carlotta) - IMSLP: Free Sheet Music PDF Download

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      Ah, the old problem of the ) bracket at the end. The forum software somehow doesn't like it and it's part of the link.

      The video is now also on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjcD_Yxn150


      • andijah
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        Yes, the way imslp structures their links isn't what I would choose for my online stuff.

        Thanks for the reminder about the link button! I will use it next time. :-)

      • myorgan
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        I've actually added IMSLP links with the Link Editor, and have had the same issue. After the fact, I had to go in and correct the link and linked text. Small issue for what it provides.


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        myorgan. I just tested this again. Adding the link with either the editor link button or the post type link button works. Directly typing in the link does not.

        If I recall correctly, your problem was due to copying a shortened link from a post, which will not work because it's not the entire link. If you need to copy a link in a post, you need to right click and choose copy link, or whatever mechanism is provided by your browser or OS to do this. Copying the text in post will not work. You need to copy the underlying link as described above.