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Organs in Bach's time had no C# note? Huh??

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    I'm a bit lost as to why you included a discussion of English organs manual compass and lack of pedals, as this thread is about Bach's organs. Maybe it's for direct reference to the short octave discussion?

    However, the 2nd chart you provided is an excellent resource for this discussion! The only thing it is missing is the years Bach used the organs in question, and the question that follows is the date of composition of each of Bach's works.

    Great find, GTC!

    Way too many organs to list, but I do have 5 Allens:
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      Originally posted by myorgan View Post
      Maybe it's for direct reference to the short octave discussion?
      Yes. It shows that short octaves omitted CC# (among others) and mentions that was also a practice on small European organs.

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        Sorry, I missed that last sentence of the quote.


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      Here in Portland, OR, the (relatively) large Rosales at the Trinity Episcopal Cathedral is missing the C# in the 32' Open Wood. Probably to save time as much as to save money as the organ was completed so many years(!) after promised. I think the C# pedal key links to the low C pedal pipe. Elsewhere, some C.B. Fisk and Mander organs built in the 20th Century have used this expediency and they are all in Equal Temperament tuning so this definitely is (as has been assumed in earlier posts) to be about economy, and not due to any quirk of tuning style.


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        For some reason, I remembered the video with Diane Bish where she played the oldest playable organ in the world from 10 years ago.
        Around the 4:00 mark, she mentions that the lower octave of the manual and pedal are missing the c# and d#.
        I remember thinking, thats odd. Now it makes sense


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          Sorry. I can't resist this. The oldest playable organ in the world is only from 10 years ago?

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          A dangling participle.