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From piano to organ

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  • From piano to organ

    Let's take the BWV anh 114 as an example.
    I am a pianist who are learning the organ.
    when playing this piece on an organ do I use the same technique as I do on the piano or do I have to be aware of some differences?

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    So this is not really an organ piece. In my opinion this piece does not exploit enough of the differences between an organ and a piano to matter. I would use the exact same technique. More to the point, I would not play this piece on a pipe organ. I wouldn't learn anything from doing so. But, check this out : Minuet in G Major. Know it well. Not as BWV 114 though. Now have a listen to this: <shrug> I don't know. What do you think? IMO if you want to learn organ use a method book designed for organ instruction. The study materials will be written to teach the techniques of finger substitution and finger legato that are intrinsic to organ technique. And what is interesting is that these techniques can work backwards to piano! In other words, when you really get down to it, your question could have been asked in reverse: "When playing this piece on piano, do I use the same technique as I do on the organ or do I have to be aware of some differences?"


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      It's the articulation that matters on the organ. In other words it's the gaps between the notes. You can't phrase music on the organ by pressing harder so you need to get an accent by shortening the note before. So, for example, in the right hand of bar 2, I would slur the first 2 notes but make the 2nd and 3rd detached. If you can't get a teacher or a tutor book, listen to organ performances that you like on Youtube, and see if you can get the same effect on the organ.

      If the organ is played like a piano it can be deadly dull! On the piano it's how you play a note that's most important, on the organ it's how you lift it.