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Novice Question - Play Hymns, If Bass in Pedals, Then Not On Manual?

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    Originally posted by Steve Freides View Post
    The difficulties with the organ are tough to explain. Some days, you start to play and it kind of crescendos on every key. And some days, that happens when you turn it on but after it warms up a bit, that stops; other days, it's OK when you start and then it morphs into the crescendo on every key after you're played for a while. The wiring at the back is so fragile that a slight touch, literally, can add a huge hum to the sound. One day, since last September, all the pedals worked and then, as mysteriously as they worked, they stopped again and haven't worked since.
    Some, but perhaps not all, of the problems with the organ appear to be as simple as providing firm contact to connections that do not presently have them. You may be squeamish about electrical connections, but is there not anyone in the church who couldn't take a look at the cabling, figure out what goes where, label everything, and, make tight the loose connections, cleaning the contacting elements if such is necessary? After that is done, what is left is internal inside the console. You might find that it at least gets you back to where things were at the beginning of your employment. It should not require someone trained in organ repair. Many people can follow the path of a wire from its origin at the console to a speaker or junction box or other module. It is quite trivial, taking one wire at a time, to untangle the mess.