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Dubois Toccata in G Major as Postlude

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  • Dubois Toccata in G Major as Postlude

    As a welcome change from the Widor Toccata, I am planning to use the Dubois
    as the postlude on Easter Sunday this year (2004). Has anyone done this piece
    as a postlude? I'm looking for suggestions for registration for the middle
    section. I have a recording of a performance done in the Strasburg cathederal
    in France, and the organist reduces the organ down to celestes for the choral
    sections. That works when the piece is used in recital, but for Easter Sunday?

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    Re: Dubois Toccata in G Major as Postlude

    Hello Bill,

    I have used the Dubois Toccata as a postlude quite a few times: it lasts about 6 minutes. I normally quiten down the middle bit by taking off the 4's and 2's. I dont follow the set registration slavishly because it can sound a bit muddy with the reeds on: in my mind this piece needs to be kept light and airy, so I only use the reeds for perhaps the last two pages.

    Hope this helps.